About Bare Essentials Nudist Club

We are a club made up of a very friendly group of  people who have worked together to build a forward thinking nudist club which will bring our lifestyle out of the dark ages. Our goal is to make nudity a lifestyle that the general public will accept and embrace.


Our committee is made up of a team of people who have been in the lifestyle for many years, and between them,  have a wealth of ideas, skills and knowledge which will enable the club to grow and benefit from their experience.


We work with our members for our members. What we understand and appreciate is that membership is the nucleus of any club. Therefore we consider our members and their input is the most valuable asset to the club. Our members are us.


Our ambition is to build a family friendly nudist club here in Western Australia and we will work hand-in-hand with many nudist clubs which are already established around Australia, in that way if they visit WA, Bare Essentials will make them welcome.