Welcome To Our Club



Bare Essentials is the newest nudist club to be established in Western Australia.


Bare Essentials Nudist Club has been formed to provide members within the nudist community of Western Australia as an alternative club which recognises the value of  its members and provides a modern outlook for today’s nudists.


Our main aim is to promote and embrace nudism in a positive manner for our members and to the wider community. The club's membership includes all age groups, and people from all walks of life. Our club is open to families and singles. We do not discriminate.


The club has planned a variety of social and sporting events which are held at different locations. Weekend getaways are also included in our calendar where members can relax from the stress of everyday life in the company of friendly, like minded people. Check out our functions page to see what we have to offer.


Although Bare Essentials is a new club it has quickly established itself as a real alternative within the nudist movement in Western Australia and would suit all those seeking a healthy nudist lifestyle.


By becoming a member of the Bare Essentials Nudist Club you will become part of this exciting new modern movement of change within a family friendly nudist environment.